We are able to keep our fees lower or at a more competitive rate for 3 reasons. The first is our location. Nakorn Ratchasima has a lower cost expense than other metropolitan or tourist areas of Thailand. 

The second is because of how we structure and control our business. 

Finally, we are already established professionals and we simply do not believe in gouging our clients of their hard earned money. You simply pay for the services provided.

Fees are dependant upon the service(s) provided. As that each case is unique, we provide our clients with a breakdown of the costs involved.

We encourage potential clients to research law firms for services provided and cost of those services prior to choosing a firm to work with.

If you have any further questions just send us an email and we will contact you promptly. It's FREE to ask us questions! If you want to know our fees for some services, we will need all the information about the services requested. All the information that you will send us is confidential.