The law of Thailand permits the natives of other nations to perform the marriage with the citizens of Thailand. The process is not very difficult, but all the legal documents are to be translated into Thai and legalized as per the requirements of the law of Thailand. However, there are certain aspects that need to be conducted while going through the process of marriage in Thailand. One of the most important aspects is the prenuptial agreement, which states the individual rights of the spouses regarding their properties. 

The role of an embassy

It is important to get the permission of the embassy if you are a foreigner and want to marry in Thailand. The process of getting clearance from the embassies varies from country to country. In Thailand, marriages are conducted in the district offices where your details will be clarified. The details include the proof of your name, your citizenship where you belong, your age, etc. So, you have to arrange for the foreign affidavit that includes all your required personal details, which are needed to get married in Thailand. However, the affidavit will be translated into Thai, and it will be legalized as the law so that the marriage can be conducted at an 'amphur' or 'khet', which are the local district offices. 

Time required for a legal marriage in Thailand.

The entire process of getting married in Thailand as per all the administrative norms takes just three to four days time. This includes the time required for getting the paper works from an embassy and translating and legalizing them, including the process of marriage at the local district offices. However, the process can extend for a few days if there is any issue regarding the paper work and affidavit at the embassy.


Globally valid

If your marriage is conducted as per the Thai law, then it is considered valid not just in Thailand, but allover the world. This is beneficial, especially for those who have trans-national issues where a spouse belongs to another nation. Therefore, marrying in Thailand is quite suitable. 

Importance of Prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreement is a legal document that is necessary as per the procedural necessities of Thai law. It is always better to hire a law firm for preparing such agreement and meet all the requirements regarding the legalization and translation of it as per Thai law. It is always safe to have to the agreement as marriages don’t last forever because of divorce, separation or death of either spouse. If such incident takes place, then this agreement will help to settle the issues regarding the property rights.  

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