When two individuals enter into a written agreement prior to their marriage, then the deed is termed as Prenuptial Agreement. Thai law authorizes these prenuptial agreements that include the entire property list of both the individuals and specify the property rights of each in the post marriage period. This legal document works effectively during the course of marriage and even after the break up as it clearly mentions the control and right to the assets and properties. If you are moving into Thailand from any other country and wish to get married here, you must know about the various legal aspects regarding it. You should hire a Thai lawyer who is experienced with the laws in Thailand  and preenuptial agreements.



You must be careful while hiring a law firm for your prenuptial agreement. The consequences of this document have a significant impact on your future and therefore, you cannot hire just any law firm or  any lawyer in Thailand. There are many law firms, but you have to choose the one that understands the marital rights and the international prenuptial agreements that obeys the rules of the Civil & Commercial Code in Thailand. Our law firm has experienced Thai land foreign awyers who understands the prenuptial agreements, marital rights and international divorce practice. These lawyers can prepare an adequate prenuptial agreement as per your requirements and Thai law. 

Why it is important to have a prenuptial agreement in Thailand? These agreements protect separate property rights of each spouse. It ensures proper allocation of the properties in the event of divorce or death. The agreement also covers the properties that need to be transferred from husband to wife or vice versa for creating joint or separate rights to the properties. Having such agreement prepared in advance helps in avoiding from any sort of future disputes and conflicts regarding property rights. 

Prenuptial agreements protect the rights of children from a broken marriage or the children from the future marriages as well. Such agreements become more effective in cases one partner, as per agreement, ends up a career. Prenuptial agreement can assign accountability to endow with support for children as well.

A prenuptial agreement in Thailand helps in the protection of family property. Generally, the family members want to pass on their family business or any sort of assets to their successors. Many people don’t want the assets to be used by an unintended successor like a spouse of a decedent. In such case, they can prepare an agreement beforehand that will mention the details of the property rights that will be transferred to their legal heirs and in Thailand it can be done with a prenuptial agreement. 

The bottom line is that marriage brings in separation, whether in terms of divorce or death or either spouse. In such event, it is very essential to have clear property rights to avoid any sort of disputes. Our law firm specializes in marriages and prenuptial agreements. You can contact us and to prepare your prenuptial agreement.