It is a fact that everyone has to die one day, but we tend to overlook this aspect. Maybe sooner or later, no one is going to stay in this world forever, but strangely we believe that day is no way near. Because of that, many people tend to ignore some of the most important aspects that need to be done before leaving the world forever. One of such important aspects is preparing the will. Preparing the will is not to be taken as the reminder of the death; rather it should be treated positively as a legal agreement to settle the issues of properties and other assets that are to be distributed among the heirs after the eventual demise. The importance of making will become more significant if the properties are based in foreign locations. Thailand is one of the most important places were preparing last will and testament is a must. There are many foreigners who migrate from other nations and decide to live in Thailand. If you are also one of them and want to make Thailand your second home, then you must know the importance last will and testament as per Thai law. 

Property will and testament is not same in every country.

It is a fact that the official procedure and requirements of last will and testament in Thailand and the home country are not same. The formalities are different in different jurisdictions. If you have a will in your own nation for covering your assets in Thailand, then your heirs will face great problems to acquire your property, in case of your sudden demise. All the documents regarding the will that you had developed in your home country are to be interpreted, notarized and approved by government. Compared to that, preparing the last will and testament by a qualified Thai lawyer is a much easier and practical choice. There are other benefits of preparing the last will and testament as per Thai law. The inheritance tax is not charged in Thailand and the probate is required only at the time of enforcing the last will and testaments.



Seek advice of a Thai lawyer


If you are not aware about the legal rights of the properties in Thailand, then many complicated things can happen. Sometimes it can prove to be very expensive if you're not taking proper precautions with last will and testament as per the Thai law. Contact a good lawyer in Thailand that can help you to understand about the various attributes of having properties in the nation and heirs in other countries.

Work with a good law firm in Thailand


In Thailand, there are many law firms that offer last will and testament services. However, you have to choose the law firm that can assist you with expert Thai lawyer and cost effective service for last will and testament. We can help you to draft a Thai will or help your family members with the transfer of property ownership rights.